Are there jobs for people with security clearance?

12 Apr 2022

Are there jobs for people with security clearance?

A lot of veterans wonder whether or not they can be successful after the military, while this can be a very common concern it’s a worry that doesn’t need to be there.  Security clearance can be one of the biggest advantages for veterans or soon-to-be-veterans focusing on their career transition who are about to begin their journey of seeking employment.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of employers out there who are working for commercial, defence or other high-profile jobs.

These employers are needing qualified employees with security clearance, relevant experience, and skills that are greatly in demand.  Some positions can include trades, mechanics, engineering, intelligence, programming, and plenty of other high-profile positions. It doesn’t matter what you did in the armed forces whether you were a marine or in some other military role, the chances are you have relevant skills that are needed.

 So why exactly do some employers absolutely need someone with a security clearance?

Often in the shipbuilding sector, an employee will be handling sensitive and classified information. If therefore you’re a service leaver who holds security clearance, you may have an edge. These types of positions are available all over the UK, so service leavers can feel hopeful about opportunities on the horizon for those with security clearance.

Why are security clearances needed for some civilian jobs?

The short answer is you may have to handle sensitive data. Even if you get a position where you’re not handling sensitive data, the facility you’re working in may need to. In the shipbuilding industry often, the projects need to be tightly controlled which warrants security clearance for all personnel.

Are veterans in high demand for security clearance jobs?

Since security clearance jobs can be a variety of different positions from accounting to mechanics, nearly all these jobs will be in demand. The average veteran will already be cleared with a background check and employers for these top jobs will need someone who has had an extensive background check. Background checks are time consuming and costly so its easy to where candidates who hold clearance have an advantage.

Individuals can’t easily obtain security clearance for themselves it must be sponsored and then maintained. When positions need to be filled as soon as possible in the busy shipbuilding industry, veterans seeking resettlement into civilian life will have an upper edge thanks to already being cleared. In addition, they come with skills and other experience in high demand by the employers in the shipbuilding industry.

Where can you find a position for those with a security clearance?

Finding positions for veterans and others with a security clearance isn’t as easy as going online and searching for currently available jobs. These top secret or classified positions will need a little more digging than that. While you could go to a targeted job fair or even attend a networking event, these don’t always yield results. Instead using specific recruitment support is one of the better ways to get noticed by prospective employers.