Why transitioning from the Armed forces can be challenging

04 Aug 2022

Why transitioning from the Armed forces can be challenging

Adjusting from a military career back into civilian life isn’t without its problems. There are emotional issues, life changes and finding your place. But you aren’t alone in the challenge.

  • Adjusting
  • Civilian Jobs are Different
  • The Need for Professional Services
  • Stepping into the Unknown
  • Opportunities in the Marine Sector

Adjusting to a different pace of life is only the beginning; civilian jobs might not be what you are used to however, your skills are highly desired and transferable to new roles.


Military life is very different from civilian life. And you might miss the rigid structure you are used to. However, you can readjust back into civilian life in stages:

  1. Accept that your life is going to change.
  2. Prepare for the mental adjustment to a different way of living and working.
  3. Commit yourself to living differently than you are used to.

You can make your military to civilian transition much easier on yourself if you acknowledge these steps. Of course, it might not be easy. But that’s what professional services are for.

Civilian Jobs are Different

There is no doubt that civilian jobs are very different from that of the military. You might not have the support of service friends, but you have a lot of value to an employer. There’s a wide range of engineering, mechanical and security jobs for ex-services people. And you can use your skills to great effect in many different roles. You just need some help getting there.

The Need for Professional Services

The help you need can come from all kinds of places. Friends and family are excellent when transitioning. However, for finding and adjusting to a new career, you might need the help of professional recruitment agencies. Here’s what you should look for as you search for a role:

  • Find specialised agencies for ex-service personnel recruitment.
  • Get help with practical skills such as CV writing and using the internet.
  • Make sure there are no fees or costs associated with your transition.

There are many excellent organisations out there for support and advice when transitioning from military to civilian careers. However, it is crucial that you find a recruitment agency that understands the struggles faced by those leaving or wishing to leave the armed forces.

Stepping into the Unknown

One of the most stressful concerns when coming back to civilian life is adjusting to a new job. Perhaps you signed up straight after school and have no formal education. Or maybe you can’t find the structure the military provides. But don’t worry, as all is not lost. Stepping into the unknown is scary for anyone. But by analysing your skills, you will see you have a lot to offer.

Opportunities in the Marine Sector

Coming from the navy means you have a massive advantage in finding a job. For example, a career in shipbuilding presents many opportunities based on your previous experience and skills. Additionally, you might have extended security clearance for work on government contracts with companies like BAE Systems. There is always a role that suits you if you look.


Going from military life to civilian work is tricky. You must make many adjustments, and you may be stepping into the unknown. Fortunately, at SLR, we can lend a helping hand when you need to transition from a marine career into similar civilian roles such as shipbuilding and security.