Jobs for welder fabricators in shipbuilding and refits

08 Aug 2023

Jobs for welder fabricators in shipbuilding and refits

The shipbuilding and marine sector have lots of opportunities for welder fabricators. We know they want a steady flow of contract work in a shipyard that comes with digs and good rates of pay.

The welder fabricators in our network are not afraid of hard work. In fact, we know most of them would welcome the opportunity to get in as many hours as they can for the period of the contract. This is why we connect them with busy shipyards, that have big refit and shipbuilding projects going through. The UK is filled with ports and has a long history in shipbuilding. It’s a thriving sector not just for defence contracts but also for marine refits on a whole range of civilian vessels such as cruise liners. What this means is the welder fabricators on our books are never sure of contract work.

 Roles with good rates and digs

We know that our welder fabricators are highly skilled and keen to get stuck in every contract they work on. We negotiate with our clients to get you competitive hourly rates and overtime options so you can earn as much as possible. As you will often be working up and down the country, we know that you need digs thrown in as part of the deal.

Our shipbuilding clients

SLR has spent years in the marine sector and has built relationships with lots of major clients. From Belfast to Govan, Barrow in Furness all the way down to Falmouth to name but a few. We know which projects are happening across the UK, so as you come to the end of one contract, we ensure you have another one lined up and ready. It’s not just the major shipbuilding ports across the UK, SLR is in prime position on the South coast which means we can access work at Portsmouth dockyard and supply roles in Southampton’s busy port. As a welder fabricator, you are much sought after and the whole team is committed to ensuring you have a flow of work.

Support in finding your work

The team here provide great support to our candidates. From tips on the application, interviews, and insights into what to expect from the work, the SLR team is just a phone call away. How we help:

  • Key insight into what our clients are looking for
  • How to complete your application
  • Tips on your CV and cover letter
  • What to expect on the day of the interview
  • How to dress appropriately and any key site information

We know that our welder fabricator candidates put stacks of energy into every role they secure but they also need to know other contract work is lined up afterwards. Once we know who you are and you are on our books, we work our backsides off to make sure you have another opportunity at a shipyard. We have a job board that we keep constantly updated so check out those vacancies or give us a call if you’re nearing the end of your contract.