Why specialist marine recruitment is the best choice for ex services

15 Feb 2022

Why specialist marine recruitment is the best choice for ex services

Leaving the Royal Navy, Royal Marines or other services can be a challenging and difficult transition at any point of your life. Adapting to civilian life will mean adapting to different living environments, being surrounded by different people and engaging with different daily routines. Your lifestyle will completely change. If you’re considering leaving the marines before retirement age, you have the additional challenge of finding civilian work and adapting to new working environments, working practices and colleagues. However, you are not alone. Many people leave the services before retirement age and it’s estimated that there are currently one million working age veterans in the UK alone – and many have managed to find the right employment to support themselves, their families and provide a sense of purpose in their day to day lives. Perhaps the hardest hurdle to jump is getting the ball rolling. Many people don’t know where to start their search or what to do to find a position that suits them. This is where specialist marine recruitment can come into play.

Finding the Right Roles for You

Ex-marines and ex-service people tend to have focused their life path on serving in the forces. This means picking up specific skill sets and knowledge to be able to work well within these roles. However, it’s important to remember that these aren’t the only roles that these specific skill sets can come in useful. Many skills are easily transferable to other positions in many civilian industries and fields of specialism. When you’ve served in the Navy or Marines, you’ll be a great candidate for many positions in the marine industry.

Specialist Marine Recruitment

Now, why use specialist marine recruitment rather than searching for these positions yourself? While you could start looking for positions in the marine industry that are advertised online and on jobs boards, working with specialists in marine recruitment can help you to take steps you might miss when searching yourself. Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the marine industry and the roles within it. We will be able to make recommendations for specific positions that will match not only your skills and experience, but your personality and character too. We also have relationships with many maritime companies and businesses, so know what they’re looking for and what will give you the best chances when it comes to the application and interview process. Our approach is hands-on and we will do whatever it takes to place you in the right position! What’s more? You gain ongoing support throughout the entire recruitment and job hunting process. We will guide you on this journey, not only in terms of logical steps to landing a job, but also emotionally. This can be a challenging and draining time, especially when you’re exiting such a niche workforce.

If you’re interested in learning more about marine recruitment, don’t hesitate to get in touch. A friendly member of our team will be able to offer relevant advice, whether this is for you or for a loved one who is leaving or has left the services.